September 2020



This is a tremendous book: I knew that as soon as I began reading. I recommend it most highly to anyone interested in the French classical organ and its music. Paolo Crivellaro has brought together the corpus of historical sources – including all the major treatises of the time as well as the music itself – and provided an impressive analysis that will be of significant value to performers, teachers and students alike.


This is an awesome book. The author says that he ‘does not make any musicological claims’. Why not? He should do! Organ and Interpretation: the French École Classique is a seminal tome that should be on your shelves. Buy it now!

David Baker



Choir and Organ magazine (UK)

This is a very useful book. Performance of French baroque organ music requires a number of issues to be understood and then interpreted […]. The great virtue of Paolo Crivellaro’s book is that many of the primary sources have been brought together in one monograph, quoted both in the original language and in translation, thereby making an excellent reference book for students of this fascinating repertoire.


With so many sources quoted, supplemented by a generous array of musical examples and a very useful bibliography, this book is highly recommended […].

David Ponsford

September/October 2020


3 - 2020



[...] a great new encyclopedic treatise – the prologue is dated May 2020 – on this rich and exciting period that, with all certainty, will become the new reference work [...].

Crivellaro has gone into incredible depth and seems to have examined all conceivable sources concerning the French organ baroque as well as other related sources. [...]

With this book, Paolo Crivellaro has given us a splendid review of the French école classique. With its clear structure, it functions as an outstanding encyclopedia where you can get answers to pretty much every question you can ask yourself about French organ baroque. A book that is a must for the organists who are interested in this colorful repertoire and a gift to all those who are engaged in organ pedagogy.

Hans Fagius

Original text:

[...] en rykande färsk – förordet är daterat maj 2020 – stort upplagd sammanfattning av hela denna rika och spännande epok som med stor säkerhet kommer att bli det nya standardverket […]. Crivellaro har gått otroligt grundligt tillväga och verkar ha gått igenom alla tänkbara källor kring den franska orgelbarocken och även annan musik man kan relatera till den. [...] Paolo Crivellaro har med denna bok givit oss en strålande genomgång av den franska école classique. Med dess klara uppbyggnad fungerar den som ett enastående uppslagsverk där man kan få svar på i stort sätt alla frågor man kan ställa sig om fransk orgelbarock. En bok som är ett måste för de organister som intresserar sig för denna färgstarka repertoar och en gåva till alla dem som ägnar sig åt orgelpedagogik.


October 2020

N° 51 - Hiver 2020


Revue d’orgue (F)

This is a work that will make history! A veritable treatise on early French music, Paolo Crivellaro's book Organ Interpretation covers all the aspects likely to interest musicians who are curious about the practices of this period and this country.


Overall it is clear, very well researched, superbly presented, simple and easy to read. A mine of information that will satisfy both performers and music lovers and enable them to enter fully into, and enjoy, this era with its well-established musical codes. The endorsement by organists who are our leading specialists of this repertoire - Michel Bouvard, Aude Heurtematte, Olivier Latry and Christophe Mantoux - places this book among the key references in this field.

Pascale Rouet

Original text:

Voilà un ouvrage qui fera date ! Véritable traité de musique française ancienne, le livre Organ Interpretation de Paolo Crivellaro aborde tous les aspects susceptibles d’intéresser le musicien curieux des pratiques de cette époque et de ce pays. […] L’ensemble est clair, très fouillé, superbement présenté, d’accès facile et immédiat. Une mine de renseignements qui comblera autant l’interprète que le mélomane et qui permet d’entrer de plain-pied et avec gourmandise dans une époque aux codes musicaux bien établis. La caution de nos grands organistes « spécialistes » de ce répertoire que sont Michel Bouvard, Aude Heurtematte,  Olivier Latry et Christophe Mantoux place ce livre parmi les références incontournables.



Organ & Interpretation: The French École Classique will soon gain a place as the sine qua non of organ studies of le Grand Siècle.


We should be grateful to Paolo Crivellaro for this comprehensive study of French Classic organ literature because through his systematic examination of historical evidence, he has clarified the interpretation of organ music during the epoch of Louis XIV. This reference book is indispensable reading for organists and organ scholars who seek understanding of this magnificent era of French organ music. Organ & Interpretation: The French École Classique is truly a landmark of musicological enlightenment.

Bynum Petty


This is an awesome book. The author says that he ‘does not make any musicological claims’. Why not? He should do! Organ and Interpretation: the French École Classique is a seminal tome that should be on your shelves. Buy it now!

David Baker

October 2020